Search Engine Optimization

Web positioning is the set of techniques aimed at improving the position of a website in the organic results of the different existing search engines. These techniques, in general, focus almost exclusively on Google, since this mega search engine receives between 90 and 96% of monthly searches on the Internet.

Local SEO is a set of techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of a web page in the searches of relevant information for users based on their current geographic location, or what is the same, to make the website of A company that has a physical business premises or provides a service in a specific geographic area is found by potential customers in that area and perform searches related to that business.

Nowadays, web positioning is not only necessary to be able to compete in a saturated market, but it also contributes enormously to the creation of the brand image of our company in the city or place where its main clients reside.

How do users search and how does Google show local results?
When a user searches for something, Google tries to interpret what he is asking for. And if that query is not complete, the search engine makes decisions for us to better adapt to what we need and offer what he thinks are the best results.

“Suppose a user in Malaga needs a repair in the electrical installation of your home”

Most likely, this person will search in Google “Malaga electrician” or “electricians”, “Malaga urgent electricians” or “urgent electricians” and will keep the first results offered by the search.

Another person searches for “Electrician”, but from the same city of Malaga. Here Google will prioritize the data of your location you can get, by tracking your IP address or if you are searching on your Smartphone or Tablet, with GPS data (if you have it activated).

But there is another scenario that gives us more information about how people search and what Google shows them: we want an “Electricista Madrid”, but we made this query from the city of Malaga.

Here there is clearly a contradiction between the location of the person and what is being sought, but in these cases we can conclude that Google will always give priority to the search intent on the geographical situation and we will be shown the results of Madrid.

We move in a world of search algorithms in constant evolution and that try to approach each day more to give answers as precise as possible to what users are looking for.


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