Google Adwords

Advertising campaigns

What is a campaign in Google AdWords? What does it consist of? How could it benefit you? AdWords is a service offered by the famous Google search engine. This service allows you to advertise both yourself and your business.

These ads are created by keywords that you decide, always related to your business, product or service. People search search engines for search terms related to what they want to find, and in those terms they must match the keyword selected by your company.

Using campaigns in Google AdWords, your ad appears in organic search results and is directed to an audience that is interested in you and the product or service you offer. But what advantages does Google AdWords provide us?

Reach your target audience: appear on the search engines of customers looking for what your company offers.

Pay only for who visits you: examine the amount you want to invest in this advertising method. This service is only charged every time the user clicks, which is called CPC (cost per / click); in this way the investment is safe.

Campaign tracking in Google AdWords: observing what works best in the campaign will help you take advantage of the most effective results.

Brand recognition: Google allows us to show graphic ads or videos on content sites related to our business.

How can I get the most out of Google AdWords? Writing attractive ads for the target audience of the company, with some keywords that direct searches to your website or blog.

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